Wild Plants
as Biofactories

Wild Plants as Biofactories

Plant-based transient expression system for the production of human proteins.

  • Native plant from Australia discovered by Bynoe around 1843 on the HMS Beagle vessel of Darwin’s fame.
  • Non-GM system.
  • High yield, purity and fast scale-up.
  • Highly active molecules thanks to the post-translational modifications performed by the plants.
  • Plant-based synthetic proteins for cosmetic applications.

Bioengineering process in wild plants

Fragments remastered

Fragments remastered

Protein fragments from Vertical Farming

Fragments and witness the transformative impact of protein fragments. LipoTrue remains at the Introducing Fragments remastered: Unlocking Nature’s Protein Fragments

Taking full advantage of our core technology of Wild plant as biofactories, we have developed an innovative line of protein fragments known as Fragments remastered.

In response to the growing demand for sustainable and biotech alternatives, Fragments remastered offers customers a unique solution. These protein fragments are produced within the leaves of plants through the transient expression of the protein’s fragment, harnessing the power of nature’s biofactories.

With Fragments remastered, we bring forth a new era of active ingredients, offering unparalleled benefits to customers. By tapping into the inherent potential of protein fragments produced inside plants, we provide an alternative that is sustainable, effective, and aligns with the demands of conscious consumers.

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