LipoTrue takes a direct approach to the Italian market

LipoTrue is pleased to announce that will begin an exciting new phase in the Italian market, directly catering to Italian customers. Until now, LipoTrue served the Italian market through distributor Prodotti Giani, which helped in the growth and introduction of LipoTrue as a company and its active ingredient portfolio.

Italy is a market with a rich tradition and passion for high-quality cosmetics. By becoming direct suppliers in Italy, they are able to supply active ingredients and innovative solutions directly to manufacturers and industry professionals in this country. This direct relationship will allow LipoTrue to better understand the specific needs of Italian customers and work closely to develop exceptional products.

This strategic action signifies an important milestone for LipoTrue, reaffirming its position as a young – dynamic and ambitious company. LipoTrue’s exponential growth in recent years stands as a testament to its unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence.

This could not have been achieved without their sales representative Francesco Porrini, who with his vast experience in the sector and his in-depth knowledge of the Italian market will be a valuable resource for our customers. “This fruitful cooperation with Italian customers will help LipoTrue to continue providing innovative concepts and ideas to the Italian market for the years to come” Francesco has quoted.

This new path allows Lipotrue to further strengthen its presence in the cosmetics industry and provide cutting-edge solutions to professionals in the sector. Join LipoTrue in this exciting new chapter!