Join the Fragments remastered revolution and create your own reality with the AI-optimized peptide

LipoTrue, a pioneer in innovation and technology, has done it again! At In-Cosmetics Global 2024, the company is presenting a new line in its technology portfolio: Fragments Remastered, from Wild plants as a biofactories technology. In this innovative line, fragments produced through vertical farming take center stage. Within this line, which already has two biomimetic …

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LipoTrue joins the UN Global Compact

LipoTrue is happy to announce that they have joined the UN Global Compact, a voluntary initiative focused on corporate social responsibility (CSR). This means they are committed to following 10 internationally recognized principles related to human rights, labor, environment, and anti-bribery, as set by the Global Compact. They also align their company goals with the …

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LipoTrue takes a direct approach to the Italian market

LipoTrue is pleased to announce that will begin an exciting new phase in the Italian market, directly catering to Italian customers. Until now, LipoTrue served the Italian market through distributor Prodotti Giani, which helped in the growth and introduction of LipoTrue as a company and its active ingredient portfolio. Italy is a market with a …

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Innovation to the core: D/scover, Develop & Del/ver

At LipoTrue, we would like to guide you through the exciting D/scover, Develop and Del/ver of two of the most innovative active ingredients yet to be seen in the market: a cyclic peptide and a total vertically integrated active ingredient from marine origin. As we age, skintropy, the chaos in our skin, increases. Hence, there …

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LipoTrue opens new commercial office in Italy

LipoTrue announces the opening of a new commercial office in Italy located in Milan with Francesco Porrini as the Sales Manager in Italy, Switzerland, Greece and other countries in the area. The opening of this commercial office is an important step to support LipoTrue’s strategic business in the EMEA cosmetic market. It reinforces LipoTrue’s presence …

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Most Innovative Natural Raw Material

Col-Frag remastered™ gold prize and Joybliss™ silver prize awarded at the 20th BSB Innovation Award®

At the 20th BSB Innovation Award® digital edition two active ingredients from LipoTrue have been awarded by the independent BSB Consulting Services Agency. In the category “Most Innovative Natural Raw Material”, Joybliss™ has been awarded with the silver prize, whereas Col-Frag remastered™ has been awarded with the gold prize in the same category “Most Innovative …

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Discover Telessence at in-Cosmetics Global

Discover Telessence at in-cosmetics Global 2022 – H70

Telessence Welcome on this new edition of In-Cosmetics Global in Paris (5-7 April). This year we present a new concept, Telessence, unveiling the ultimate range of actives for a complete wellbeing.  Discover how to combat three different types of stresses: “phystress” that depletes our body of energy, “emostress” that holds a weight in our mind or …

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New APAC office in Singapore

LipoTrue opens new APAC office in Singapore

Today we want to share some great news! After a well-deserved holiday, we are very happy to announce the opening of LipoTrue’s Singapore Branch as its new APAC office, located in Singapore with Iván Marcos as the APAC Region Sales Manager. We are very excited to continue growing every year and further boost our company. …

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LipoTru Ecovadis Gold Medal

LipoTrue’s CSR awarded by EcoVadis with the 2021 Gold Medal

LipoTrue has been evaluated and awarded by EcoVadis with the 2021 Gold Medal after rating the company’s sustainability management system and its corporate social responsibility policy. LipoTrue has obtained a high score achieving the mentioned gold medal. With this result LipoTrue is placed among the top 5 percent of evaluated worldwide companies assessed by EcoVadis …

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