Our Technologies

LipoTrue is focused on obtaining advanced active ingredients through cutting-edge technology platforms: Wild Plants as Biofactories, In Silico & Biomimetic Design of Peptides, Marine Bio-research, LipoTrue Greenbeat™ and Big Data Analytics.

Wild Plants as Biofactories

Biotechnological production of highly active synthetic peptides, polypeptides & proteins in whole non-GM plants.

Marine Bio-research

Discovery of new microorganisms from diverse habitats to bring out unique active ingredients.

In silico & Biomimetic Design of Peptides

Novel and targeted short-chain peptides synthesized in solid phase.

LipoTrue Greenbeat™

Sprouting botanical active ingredients with novel efficacies & applications.

Big Data Analytics

Wide OMICS expertise to characterize active ingredients. Analyzed, shaped and guided to cleverly transform it into Smart Data.

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