• Rested look
  • Open eyes
  • Melatonin-like protection


A good night sleep

Close your eyes, fall into a deep sleep and allow the body repair the damages suffered during the day.

Lifestyle and current events like lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic make it difficult to enjoy a repairing sleep. Hence, a good night sleep can be the most luxurious beauty tip.

Deficient sleep visually translates into a tired look with hanging eyelids, swollen eyes and dark circles. Internally, there is a decompensation of circadian hormones like melatonin, chronic inflammation and increase of glycemia, leading to protein glycation, lipid peroxidation, vessels permeability, lymphatic system impairment, hyperpigmentation, and a weakening of the immune response.

iPeptide™ attenuates the exaggerated inflammatory response of the alarmin, IL-33. It prevents damage induced by sleep deprivation, presents melatonin-like properties against glycation & peroxidation and reinforces the first line of immune defense.

Right now, it is time to start biohacking your sleep.

Before & After

+9% eye awakening in 68% of volunteers after one month

-5% fatigue signs in only a week

-7% eyebags in 2 weeks vs placebo

-0.96ºC (-33.7ºF) local skin temperature in 91% of volunteers in 1 hour

-12% & -19% dark circles in 7 and 28 days

T0 days T28 days



I feel like I have slept all night It fights the signs of fatigue It has a cooling effect My eye appears more open

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