• Biomimetic type I collagen fragment
  • Facelift
  • Vitamin C alternative
  • Damaged hair repair

Col-Frag remastered™

A new collagen era

Timeless classics have become must-haves thanks to their record of quality and efficacy.

If there is one classic in cosmetics, it is collagen. Whether in its protein version, hydrolyzed amino acids or collagen booster ingredients, all can provide the longed for collagen claim.

However, consumers’ needs are evolving and demand sustainability, animal friendliness, and high efficacy.

Col-Frag remastered™ is a biomimetic to human type I collagen fragment produced in Wild plants as biofactories through vertical farming. This sustainable technology allows us to obtain a molecule biomimetical to a fragment of the human collagen type I sequence, with the proper post-translational hydroxylations required to be fully functional.

Col-Frag remastered™ acts as a building block and booster for collagen synthesis, and tightens the dermis and epidermis while preventing senescence. It revealed a synergistic effect and a superior efficacy to Ascorbyl Glucoside in reducing wrinkles, providing a facelift and enhancing skin brightness.

A remastered concept of collagen, for a new collagen era.


Before & After

Up to 21% wrinkle length after 30 minutes (2% Col-Frag remastered™)

-11% wrinkle length in 28 days (1% Col-Frag remastered™+ 1% Ascorbyl Glucoside)

-19% wrinkle depth after 30 minutes (2% Col-Frag remastered™

-24% wrinkle depth in 100% volunteers at 28 days (1% Col-Frag remastered™+ 1% Ascorbyl Glucoside)

-2.54 mm lifting in 85% volunteers after 28 days (distance between eyes and jowls, 2% Col-Frag remastered™)

+25% brightness in 85% volunteers after 1 month (2% Col-Frag remastered™)

T0 days T28 days


Polymers are classic ingredients found in haircare products due to their film-forming properties. They provide volume, gloss, and facilitate combing.  They also provide protection against UV radiation & high temperatures. Col-Frag remastered™ for hair care answers to the demand for natural polymers boosting moisture, gloss and smoothness of damaged hair from the first application

+31% moisture after 30 min of the first application (2% Col-Frag remastered™)

+24% glossier hair locks in 30 minutes after the first application (4% Col-Frag remastered™)

80% of locks were slightly or moderately smoother 30 min after the first application (4% Col-Frag remastered™)

Fragments remastered line video