• Resolving sensory overload
  • Soothing hypersensitivity
  • Enhancing pleasant touch


Calm your skin, enjoy your senses

Bright lights, loud noises, and crowded areas are just a few stressors that can overstimulate our senses. This can result in sensory overload and increased unpleasant skin sensitivity

Sensitive skin can be defined as an unpleasant sensory response to normal stimuli that affects our self-perception. Objective irritation tests do not always detect sensitive skin so self-perception can be used as an alternative means of identification

Noxius stimuli sensitize keratinocytes’ nociceptors (e.g. TRPV1) inducing the release of neuroactive inflammatory substances that sensitize other cells (e.g. neurons) and produce further inflammatory compounds that create a neurogenic inflammatory feedback loop

Calisensix™ is an ingredient obtained from the bark of white willow and the stem cells from tomato coming from the Greenology technology. Calisensix™ resolves neurogenic inflammation, soothes discomfort, and enhances pleasant sensations in sensitive skin, both self-perceived and objectively detected

Calisensix™ is your skin’s mindfulness coach that improves your self-perception. Calm your Skin, Enjoy your Senses!

Before and after

80% of volunteers reactive to acid lactic felt that the redness of their skin had calmed (7 days)

80% of volunteers with self-perceived sensitive skin felt their skin less itchy (7 days)

Up to -65% erythema & -50% TEWL at 30 min of applying Calisensix™ (after an SLS patch test)

-13.9% discomfort sensations due to a loofah sponge after 15 min

Immediate increase of positive sensations

T0 days T28 days