• Reactivated & revitalized hair roots
  • Strengthened & redensified hair locks
  • Protection & detoxification


Let your hair bloom
Wild plants as biofactories technology allows the production of vegan and biomimetic proteins or protein fragments through vertical farming. N. benthamiana is a historical plant-based model system for the transient expression of high purity proteins. Synthetic human mRNA can be inserted, amplified and translated inside the leaves obtaining a high yield of expression in a non-GM system. As opposed to recombinant production by Gram(-) bacteria which may contain endotoxins, synthesis of proteins in plants allows to obtain safe plant-based biotechnological ingredients with proper modifications and high activity.

Hair plays a role in social relationships. Different haircuts, brows and eyelashes styles or beards and moustaches in men are forms of self-expression. Aging, stress, hormonal changes, unbalanced diets, UV and pollution are able to alter normal hair growth cycle accelerating hair loss and slowing down new hair growth.

Anargy™ contains biomimetic proteins that are able to nourish, protect and detoxify hair root helping to reactivate hair growth cycle for a redensifying and strengthening of hair locks. Naturally amplifies, extends, lifts and curls your eyelashes letting them bloom.


Before & After

Up to 21,480 new hairs in the whole scalp in 150 days

Up to 76% less hair loss after combing and washing in 150 days

95% volunteers with longer and fuller eyelashes after 30 days

T0 days T150 days