• Wide-ranging antioxidant action
  • Combats main 4 radicals
  • Break out from cocooning


Feeling totally secure

The three core human instincts, social, sexual and self-preservation are very well known, but recently this last one has shifted to a more community preservation instinct. By nature, we need to socialize & to feel part of a community. As part of a community we feel that we are valued, more confident and secure.

So, how have we lost our confidence? Internal & External factors such as pollution, smoke, UV radiation, natural ageing process, stress, diet, etc. generate radical species such as ROS, RNS, RSS & RCS that induce a radicalized skin with more wrinkles, redness, itching, dryness and even dark spots. Consequently, there is a loss of self-esteem and confidence that nurtures cocooning.

V-4s™ protects our skin from the main four radicals. V-4s™ decreases the levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) induced by H2O2 and ozone, scavenges sulfur (RSS) and nitril species (RNS), and protects against lipid-peroxidation-derived reactive carbonyl species (RCS). V-4s™ combats the 4s, providing a total AntiRadical efficacy.

Break out from cocooning and V-confident, V-valued, V-secure, V-you, V-4s™.


Product Applications

AntiRadical TECHnology with a transversal application

We will be invincible-“V”-meaning “victory, liberty”

Protection of skin care formulations

Environmental protection

Wide-ranging antioxidant action in one product

Antiaging, Sensitive skin, Acne, Brightening & Sunscreen products