• Skin regeneration & restructuring
  • Roughness & wrinkle improvement
  • Elasticity increase


Intensive antiaging plant-EGF
Wild plants as biofactories technology allows the production of vegan and biomimetic proteins or protein fragments through vertical farming. N. benthamiana is a historical plant-based model system for the transient expression of high purity  proteins in a non-GM system. As opposed to recombinant production by Gram(-) bacteria which may contain endotoxins, synthesis of proteins in plants allows to obtain safe plant-based biotechnological ingredients with proper modifications and high activity.

The aging process on the skin resembles a chronic injury. The combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors in the aging process leads to an oxidative imbalance, damage to proteins structure and inflammatory processes, just like a wound.

Epitensive™ is a biomimetic Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)  produced in Wild plants as biofactories technology through vertical farming. The EGF-1 is a protein able to activate the ERK and AKT pathways. These paths are involved in protein synthesis and cellular regeneration to provide mature skin with the right extracellular matrix content and regenerative capacity lost with age.


Before & After

Up to 39% and 32% reduction of wrinkle volume and depth after 28 days

Up to 10 years of skin physiological rejuvenation after 28 days


–23% wrinkles in 14 days
–24% roughness
–51% wrinkles in 28 days