• Lightening
  • 3 way cell communication
  • Shining in 5 steps


A lightening constellation

Like the most beautiful shining star seen before the dawn, allow yourself to have the most luminous skin and join the lightening constellation. Its name is Sirius, and comes from the Greek “Seirios” which means luminous and glowing. It is a white star that shines 20 times more powerfully than the Sun in the darkest night.

Stellight™ is a smart creation of a synthetic hexapeptide based on deep knowledge of amino acid and skin properties. With a novel full action on melanogenesis, Stellight™ has a unique activity on melanocyteskeratinocytes and fibroblasts, inhibiting their three-way communication. Indeed, modulation of SCF liberation, secreted by keratinocytes and fibroblasts contributes to regulate fibroblasts-melanocytes-keratinocytes network. Moreover, it inhibits the production of melanin, reduces the number of dendrites and has an antioxidant effect. Thanks to its effectiveness against melanogenesis, Stellight™, enhances ITAº and luminosity value, providing a highlighter efficacy.

Draw your own constellation and restore your skin’s brightness and clearness for a radiant skin without imperfections to help you to obtain a captivating and glowing beauty.



Before & After




Forehead (T56 days vs T0)

+3.3% ITÅ
+5.7% Luminosity


Naso-labial area (T56 days vs T0)

+10% ITÅ
+2.3% Luminosity