• Retinol & retinoic acid-like for day & night treatments
  • Pore size minimizer
  • Epidermal lipid filler


The Seed of Youth
Wild plants as biofactories technology allows the production of vegan and biomimetic proteins or protein fragments through vertical farming. N. benthamiana is a historical Australian plant-based model system for the transient expression of high purity proteins in a non-GM system. As opposed to recombinant production by Gram(-) bacteria with may contain endotoxins, synthesis of proteins in plants allows to abtain safe plant-based biotechnological ingredients with proper 3D structure and high activity.

A well-balanced TGFb2 signaling is essential to sustain the skin in a healthy and functional condition and overall to support maintenance of a young appearance. However, the aging process on the skin induced by internal and external factors (photoaging, hormonal aging, smoke, diet, stress) affects TGFb2 levels, and therefore its activity.

Reneseed™ is a biomimetic Transforming Growth Factor Beta-2 (TGFβ2) produced in Wild plants as biofactories technology through vertical farming. Reneseed™ is the seed of youth of our skin, as it is implicated in the extracellular matrix protein synthesis and the production of epidermal lipids, improving the skin integrity and protection. It has a retinol and retinoic acid-like activity in terms of collagen I production efficacy.

Reneseed™ helps your skin to recover its own beauty that is sleeping inside with its broad-spectrum antiaging properties and pore size minimizer efficacy for night but also for day treatments.


Before & After

-16%, -11% and -14% wrinkle count, volume and depth, respectively, in 28 days

Up to 42% increase of skin radiance in 28 days

Up to 44% smaller pore size in 28 days

+11% and +6% firmness and elasticity, respectively, in 28 days

Up to 28% more hydration in 28 days


–28% wrinkle volume
–19% wrinkle depth


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