• Repositioning & anchoring
  • Deep firming
  • Scalpel-free retouch


Repositioning your beauty

Envisioning design through Nature’s eyes, we apply our expertise in peptide design to develop novel active ingredients that mimic biological activities and structures. Versillin™ is a versican-derived and biomimetic peptide to give you the power to design your true beauty.

Versican is a versatile proteoglycan that holds great amounts of water and  it binds to fibrillin and HA forming the fibrillin-versican-hyaluronan elastic-hydrated matrix. Versican is also involved in the formation of collagen fibers, in regulating fibrillogenesis and in the assembly of fibrils into fibers. Fibrillin is a glycoprotein that forms microfibrils which are the scaffold for tropoelastin deposition.

Versillin™ boosts the fibrillin-versican-hyaluronan elastic-hydrated matrix, reinforcing the connective tissue of the dermis and the beauty columns (skin ligaments) to anchor and fasten the skin. The overall benefit is an increase in firmness and viscoelasticity to reposition the beauty columns into their original position. Dare to reposition your beauty for a secret scalpel-free retouch.


Before & After

Up to 52 and 48 mm3 less jowls sagging at 14 and 28 days

–20% and –14% deformation and flaccidity after 56 days


–17.6 mm3
–2.7% jowls sagging


Product Video