• Plumps deep wrinkles
  • Restores & strengthens skin integrity
  • Moisturizes & smoothes golden skin


Nourishing premium filler

Where fire meets the ocean, the Reunion Island is a young active volcanic island, where burning rivers flow down the hillsides redefining the island’s coastlines. Nearby ocean currents flow nourishing the 20 km length coral reef, filling and sustaining the rich biodiversity. Seadermium™ is a marine active ingredient from the Reunion Island erupted from the Malaspina expedition around the World.

Seadermium™ is addressed at mature skin, helping to visibly plump deep wrinkles. By increasing Dermo-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) proteins and DEJ length, Seadermium™ reinforces skin integrity and cohesion. Also, Seadermium™ helps to thicken epidermis and stimulate collagen and glycosaminoglycans, important for skin fullness and moisturization.

Your skin is an element of communication with other people. Outside skin appearance reflects on your inside. Seadermium™ restores and strengthens dermo- epidermal cohesion to help you to bring out your true best.

Raw material approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, conform to the COSMOS Standard


Before & After

–8% and -21% wrinkle volume in crow’s feet and nasolabial fold in 14 days in golden volunteers (60-70 years old)

–10% marionette lines volume in 7 days


–17% crow’s feet roughness
–47% crow’s feet volume


–45% under eyes wrinkles