• Fatigue fighter
  • Non-stop gloss
  • Mitochondrial power

Telessence Mitelion™

Extract Tackling Phystress

Our bodies cope on a daily basis with incredible situations while struggling to overcome fatigue (Phystress).

Physical fatigue is linked with cellular exhaustion, leading to mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress and telomere shortening (biological aging).

Telessence Mitelion™ is an ingredient obtained from bilberry fruit and rosemary leaves. It keeps mitochondria fit to tackle Phystress.

It recharges mitochondrial membrane potential and stimulates mitochondrial renewal, both linked to energy production. It prevents mitochondrial oxidative damage, boosting endogenous antioxidants and reducing ROS production. It also empowers telomeres against Phystress.

Telessence Mitelion™, an extract tackling Phystress.

Telessence tackles the three types of stress that accelerate biological aging: environmental (Envirostress), physical (Phystress) and emotional (Emostress) with three active ingredients from three different technological platforms. 3 actives, 3 technologies, 3 stresses, one essence.


Raw material approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, conform to the COSMOS Standard


Before & After

+38% rested look in 7 days

Up to 72% less skin fatigue in 30 minutes

Up to 48% more skin elasticity after 30 minutes

Up to 36% more skin isotropy after 28 days

Up to 59% more skin gloss in 30 minutes

T0 days T28 days
+35.9% isotropy

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