• D/scover: Alteromonas lipotrueae
  • Develop: neuromuscular communication
  • Del/ver: smoothes hidden expression wrinkles


Discovering A.Lipotrueae

V/WA™ is a fully vertically integrated product, completely controlling the three steps of the process: D/scover, Develop and Del/ver. V/WA™ is the active ingredient obtained from the fermentation of a newly identified Alteromonas species: Alteromonas lipotrueae

Alteromonas lipotrueae was found living in symbiosis on the surface of the Mediterranean Sea’s most stinging jellyfish, the Pelagia noctiluca. The metabolomic analysis of the ferment from this microorganism confirmed that it contains biomimetic compounds linked to muscle contraction

V/WA™ relaxes expression wrinkles acting along the three steps of neuromuscular communication: neuritogenesis & neuronal migration, synaptic vesicles recycling and muscle contraction. V/WA™ smoothed wrinkles on crow’s feet, the forehead and even those challenging hidden wrinkles that are revealed to the world when smiling or frowning

From the discovery of a new microorganism, through the development of a new active ingredient to the delivery of a novel approach for expression wrinkles  

Product Applications

-9% wrinkle depth & volume in crow’s feet in 10 min

Up to 35% less wrinkle depth in crow’s feet in 28 days

Up to 44% less wrinkle depth in the forehead in 10 min

-34% wrinkle depth between wrinkles and frowning wrinkles in the forehead after 28 days

T0 min T10 min


-11.3% depth

-18.1% volume

Hidden wrinkles (smiling)

-31.0% depth

-15.8% volume

T0 days T28 days
Hidden wrinkles (smiling)

-23.4% depth

-11.3% volume


Product Video