• Collagen IV fragment produced in Wild plants
  • Collagen net
  • V-neckline beauty

Col-4-Frag remastered™

Weaving the collagen net

Col-4-Frag remastered™ the newest addition of the Remastered Fragments line, is a sustainable and biomimetic to human collagen IV fragment produced by Wild plants as biofactories through vertical farming

The neckline is one of the most captivating areas, however, it is also quite susceptible to external factors and is often overlooked in our daily skincare routine. To achieve a greater boost of confidence and a V-neckline beauty, it is necessary to enhance it from within by tightening and weaving the collagen IV net with Col-4-Frag remastered™

Col-4-Frag remastered™ acts on the collagen IV net by intervening in its synthesis & anchoring thanks to perlecan & collagen type VII. This helps to form more interdigitations in the DEJ (Dermo-Epidermal Junction), promoting the nourishment and tightness of dermis and epidermis. As a result, you can enjoy a smooth and flawless neck and décolleté with less wrinkles and dark spots

Join the fragments revolution and weave your collagen net to enhance your natural neckline beauty

Before & After

21% neck wrinkle volume in 56 days

-19% décolleté wrinkle volume in 28 days

+15% décolleté firmness in 7 days

-15% décolleté dark spots perimeter in 28 days

T0 days T28 days

-15% wrinkles depth

T0 days T58 days

-26% wrinkle number

-16% wrinkle volume


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