• Sebum reduction
  • Pore size minimization
  • Inflammation modulation


Smart peptide for sebum, pore, inflammation

Artificial Intelligence has become an omnipresent tool across industries and an actual reality in society. Now cutting-edge computational AI has arrived to the beauty industry to introduce SP[AI]3TM, an AI-Optimized peptide to improve the appearance of blemishes and imperfections in acne-prone skin

SP[AI]3TM is a unique peptide obtained in silico through AI among thousands of candidates, with optimal binding and specificity, to modulate not just one, but three key players: sebum, pore, inflammation

This triple specific targeting of SP[AI]3TM ensures a complete approach revealing a decrease in both sebum synthesis and quantity, as well as a reduction in pore size, and obstruction, while also demonstrating a decrease in C. acnes-induced inflammation. In vivo, SP[AI]3TM provided a holistic approach with rapid results, revealing an improvement of skin imperfections, protoporphyrins, pore size, and sebum production, for a purified skin

Discover the AI-optimized 3-in-1 peptide that will completely open the door to create your own reality

Before & After

-19% pimples in 14 days

8% pore size in 28 days

Up to 39% less sebum in 7 days

T0 days

T7 days

-22% pimples
-9% pore size  
T28 days

-56% pimples
-12% pore size  



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