• Dermochronology
  • Solar scars guardian
  • Redefining dermis


Redefining the past

Just as the skin, trees have memory, their life story can be read in their rings. Tree rings record not only age (dendrochronology), but also each season & climate experience (wet, hot, early frosts, sunlight, etc). Just as trees need sunlight, skin does too, but an excess of it can lead to premature aging which alters skin’s dermochronology

A photoaged skin (scar-like dermis) is characterized by a high content of MMPs which degrade the extracellular matrix and alter collagen density & organization (synthesis & deposition). The guardians against MMPs are TIMPs, which are specific inhibitors that bind to them 

Timlog™ is a biomimetic TIMP-2 (Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases) produced in Wild plants as biofactories technology through vertical farming. TIMP-2 is an inhibitor of all MMPs (specifically of MMP-2). Additionally, it increases fibromodulin which has an important role in organizing the ECM by binding to collagen, resulting in delay of fibril formation and the formation of thinner fibers

Timlog™ acts as a guardian for skin’s dermochronology, repairing dermal solar scars redefining the past

Before & After

Non UV-exposed

UV-exposed + Timlog™ UV-exposed


+127% fibromodulin vs basal, which is key in scarless repair

+8% skin isotropy in 7 days

T0 days
T28 days
+6.9% isotropy


+2% & +6% fibers density in the dermis after 28 days

T0 days

T28 days

+37% fibers density


Up to -29% less Ra max after 28 days