• Neutralizing unwanted odors
  • Scent'aging regulator
  • Enhancing your natural essence


The purity of your natural essence

It is over short distances that personal odorprints are perceived. Each odorprint is unique, a combination of the odors from different parts of the body which can change with age (Scent’aging), eating habits, etc. Traditionally, odorprints have been altered or masked with personal care products (e.g., perfumes, deodorants).

Sebaceous and sweat glands secretions and skin waste are metabolized or oxidized to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as 2-nonenal and isovaleric acid. The cheese smell from the isovaleric acid is produced by the metabolization of sweat by skin microbiome.

Kareishu is the Japanese name for the 2-nonenal odor, that starts to be noticeable at 30 years old and is the characteristic scent of the elderly. It is generated by oxidative degradation of ω7 unsaturated fatty acids and also affects epidermal homeostasis and regeneration.

N_llscent™ immediately gets rid of the isovaleric acid smell from feet and armpits and of 2-nonenal from the neck and the belly. Take control of the Scent’aging of your odorprint to keep the purity of your natural essence.


Before & after

Isovaleric acid smell went from moderate to slightly perceptible after 30 min

-39% and -24% isovaleric acid smell due to sweat in armpit and foot after half an hour

93% volunteers enjoyed a reduction of the 2-nonenal odor in neck & belly in 30 min

-36% and -39% 2-nonenal smell in neck and belly after 30 min

-32% lipid peroxidation (MDA) in 77% volunteers at 21 days