• Anti-cellulite
  • Body positive
  • Body shaper
  • Gym-helper


The shape that improves your self-esteem

Over the decades, beauty criteria have changed and evolved and adapt to different trends. Today body’s perfection is multi-faceted. Everyone’s body is beautiful as it is because loving yourself is the most fabulous of all revolutions.

Body positive beauty which promotes body diversity to find the shape that improves your self-esteem.

Under cold/exercise conditions, there is a release of neurotransmitters into naturally innervated adipose tissue. This process induces NRG4 adipokine’s secretion by adipocytes which activates the thermogenesis process, where fat is burned and heat is produced.

Silstem-U™, is a green active ingredient that mimics the action of neurotransmitters, in acting directly on innervated adipose tissue. Therefore, Silstem-U™ enhances the release of NRG4, which improves adipose tissue innervation and initiates the browning process of white adipocyte into brown/beige adipocyte to activate lipolytic functions, and then, induce a slimming effect and reduction of cellulite.

Because who you ARE and how you FEEL is your CHOICE, your RIGHT and your VOICE #allbodiesaregoodbodies.

Raw material approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, conform to the COSMOS Standard

Before & After


-1 cm & -1.3 cm in tight & abdomen circumference in 56 days

Up to -1.6 cm & -2.9 cm in tight & abdomen circumference in 14 days

-13.2% of roughness in 56 days

+33% of orange peel improvement vs placebo in 56 days

+30% of skin smoothness after 28 days vs placebo

Reduction in 28 days (purple) Reduction in 56 days (purple)


-12% of skin roughness
T0 days T56 days