• Moisturization
  • Amelioration of skin regeneration
  • Reinforce skin barrier
  • Skin daily protection & repair


Hydrastasis from Outer Space

Welcome on board to HydraStation to rehydrate your skin. Our mission, is to bring you with MARSturizer™ the solution to keep your skin’s hydrastasis meaning the ability to maintain a hydration state and ion content. MARSturizer™ is bacterial ferment obtained from acidophile microorganism that lives in Rio Tinto, a Spanish river known as “MARS on Earth” due to its similar extreme conditions. A Mars meteorite discovered with a high amount of water, named Black Beauty, con_rmed that Mars was once covered in water but due to atmospheric changes it became the red arid planet we nowadays know.

MARSturizer™ has proved e_cacy in face and body. It increases moisturisation and decreases TEWL by reinforcing and strengthening the skin barrier through the up regulation of lipids and the corni_ed envelope related genes. Moreover, it protects keratinocytes from dehydration, and up regulates the gene expression of calcium channels.

Also, MARSturizer™ provides a skin regeneration and repair soothing face erythema, and increasing firmness and elasticity.

Join HydraStation to recover skin’s hydrastasis, a daily protection from Outer Space to keep your skin water inside.

Raw material approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, conform to the COSMOS Standard


Before & After

2% MARSturizer™, Face

+26.4% and +21% of moisturization in 1 hour and 28 days

Up to 34.1% and 47.4% of skin radiance in 7 and 28 days

1% MARSturizer™, Body

Up to 63% and 58% of moisturization in 1 hour and 28 days

Up to 33% and 14.8% of skin firmness and elasticity in 28 days


+63.4% of skin’s water
–16% of TEWL


+28% Of Hydration
+10% of Firmness
+10% of Elasticity


–16% of Erythema