• Skin aging de-emostressor
  • Breezing biological age
  • Relaxing brain-skin connection

Telessence Breeztel™

Sea breeze for the Emostress

Emotional stress (Emostress) silently builds up inside us from the daily situations that bring up frustration and anxiety. Emostress accelerates biological aging through the shortening of telomeres and the damage caused by the release of cortisol and Substance P (SP).

Telessence Breeztel™ is a marine ferment from a microorganism collected from the sea breeze near the isle of Tonga (Fiji), that helps to blow Emostress away

It modulates SP and cortisol release preventing cell biological aging through telomeres shortening, and de-emostressing the skin by restoring and repairing epidermal and dermal emotional balance.

Telessence Breeztel™, a sea breeze for the Emostress.

Telessence tackles the three types of stress that accelerate biological aging: environmental (Envirostress), physical (Phystress) and emotional (Emostress) with three active ingredients from three different technological platforms. 3 actives, 3 technologies, 3 stresses, one essence.


Raw material approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, conform to the COSMOS Standard


Before & After

+27% hydration in Emostressed arms after 1 hour

Up to 72% more hydration in Emostressed legs in 28 days

Up to 16% more elasticity in Emostressed arms & legs after 28 days

+9% firmness in arms & legs at 28 days

Up to 31% less wrinkle depth in 1 hour

T0 days T1 hour
-19% wrinkle depth

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