LipoTrue launches its first three marine active ingredients at in-cosmetics Global

Inspired in the first Malaspina expedition, in 2010 a oceanographic research vessel set sail in a journey around the world. The Malaspina expedition navigated across more than 42.000 nautical miles of international waters collecting water samples, from which over 120 unknown bacterial strains were isolated from different depths, salinities and oxygen levels. From this expedition, …

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Scelleye™ European winner at the Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Scelleye Beauty Industry Awards 2017

We are delighted to announce that Scelleye™, detoxifying eye contour plant-IGF1, has been selected as the European winner for “Best Use of an ingredient in a finished product” category at the Beauty Industry awards 2017. This category highlights ingredient’s added edge in efficacy and function, giving to brand owners providing overall benefits to end users. …

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