LipoTrue launches its first three marine active ingredients at in-cosmetics Global

Lipotrue launches Three marine active ingredients

Inspired in the first Malaspina expedition, in 2010 a oceanographic research vessel set sail in a journey around the world. The Malaspina expedition navigated across more than 42.000 nautical miles of international waters collecting water samples, from which over 120 unknown bacterial strains were isolated from different depths, salinities and oxygen levels.

From this expedition, this first three active ingredients have emerged to mesmerize the cosmetic industry and to help brand owners to bring out true beauty.

Seadermium™, nourishing premium filler.

From the Reunion Island, where fire meets the ocean redefining the island’s coastlines, Seadermium™ has erupted to visibly plump and smooth deep wrinkles in mature skin. Seadermium™ restores and strengthens skin integrity to help you bring out your true best.



Sirtalice™, a freezing blast from the deep sea.

From the deep cold ocean Sirtalice™ emerges as a freezing blast for tired and urban skin. Sirtalice™ recharges your skin energy and induces an instant V-lifting reshape in only 30 minutes with long-lasting efficacy. An on-the-go freezing blast to help you breath out your true beauty



Pauseîle™, a retreat for your skin.

Your skin needs a pampering retreat to recover hydration and, hence, its radiance and elasticity. Take a pause with Pauseîle™ in the turquoise waters of Mauritius Island and let you be seduced by its enchanting underwater waterfall.

For more information dive with LipoTrue into Seadermium™, Sirtalice™ and Pauseîle™ at LipoTrue’s stand RR48.