Discover Telessence at in-cosmetics Global 2022 – H70


Welcome on this new edition of In-Cosmetics Global in Paris (5-7 April). This year we present a new concept, Telessence, unveiling the ultimate range of actives for a complete wellbeing. 

Discover how to combat three different types of stresses: phystress” that depletes our body of energy, “emostress” that holds a weight in our mind or “envirostress” caused by external aggressors. These stresses can take a toll on us and specially on our skin, and thus accelerate skin’s normal aging pace. So how can we hit the brakes or rewind? With the ultimate range of active ingredients to tackle stress according to your skin’s needs. Three different active ingredients, from three different technologies targeting stress from three different angles, under the same concept Telessence.

Join us at in-cosmetic Global Paris, Wednesday 6th April 2022 from 11:55 to 12:25 pm – Theatre 2 to discover Telessence.

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Col-Frag remastered™

Additionally, discover on Thursday 7th April at 11:10 pm a new collagen era. Col-Frag remastered™, the beginning of a new era for traditional collagen. With a synergistic effect and a superior efficacy to Ascorbyl Glucoside in reducing wrinkles, providing a facelift and enhancing skin brightness.

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Timeless classics have become must-haves thanks to their record of quality and efficacy. If there is one classic in cosmetics, it is collagen. Whether in its protein version, hydrolyzed amino acids or collagen boosters ingredients, all can provide the longed-for collagen claim. However, consumer’s needs are evolving and demand sustainability, animal friendliness and high efficacy.

Presenting a type I collagen fragment produced in Wild plants as biofactories. This sustainable technology allows us to obtain a molecule identical to a fragment of the human collagen type I sequence, with the proper post-translational hydroxylations requires to be fully functional. A remastered concept of collagen, for a new collagen era.