LipoTrue’s CSR awarded by EcoVadis with the 2021 Gold Medal

LipoTrue has been evaluated and awarded by EcoVadis with the 2021 Gold Medal after rating the company’s sustainability management system and its corporate social responsibility policy. LipoTrue has obtained a high score achieving the mentioned gold medal. With this result LipoTrue is placed among the top 5 percent of evaluated worldwide companies assessed by EcoVadis with this recognition.

According to Juan Carlos Escudero, CEO of LipoTrue: “LipoTrue is committed to innovate in the research and development of novel and ethical active ingredients with high efficacies”. Therefore adding value through sustainable policies. We, as a company, have set very ambitious goals to meet today consumer’s needs without compromising the future, creating a sustainable today for future generations. Overall, this will bring to customers added value to their business. Especially because they will be part of the supply chain ensuring that the active ingredients purchased have been developed ethically and respectfully towards people and the environment.”

This achievement is the consolidation of LipoTrue as a referent in sustainability. Committed not only to reduce the footprint of the products we manufacture but to make a positive impact both in society and the environment. This sets sustainable targets and provides flowcharts and tools. We belive in developing innovative products that contribute to a better future while helping secure a sustainable business growth. “Building a True Future” sustainability approach is built on three pillars: Sustainable innovation & production, People & Community, Environmental Commitment.
“I would like to add that the substantiation of these pillars and the EcoVadis recognition. Would not have been possible without the support and commitment of LipoTrue’s employees and partners. I truly value the passion and talent with which we work and are committed to meet our business and sustainability goals.”