In-cosmetics Global launches

Get on board with LipoTrue on an immersive Expedition to Innovation, unveiling at in-cosmetics Global (booth E318) two new active ingredients with cutting-edge origin, design and cosmetic applications.

Don’t miss the webinar of Versillin’s launch

Prior to the exhibition, LipoTrue will present Versillin™, one of its 2018 in-cosmetics Global launches through an in-cosmetics webinar hosted by LipoTrue’s Business Development Manager, Silvia Pastor. The live session will take place the 10 April, at 3PM CET or you can watch it on demand through the online platform.

Versillin™ is a versican-derived and biomimetic peptide that boosts the fibrillin-versican- hyaluronan elastic-hydrated matrix, reinforcing the connective tissue of the dermis and the beauty columns (skin ligaments) to anchor and fasten the skin. The overall benefit is an increase in firmness and viscoelasticity to reposition the beauty columns into their original position. Dare to reposition your beauty for a secret scalpel-free retouch.
In-cosmetics Global launches

Decoding wrinkles: Following the Northern Lights

Furthermore, LipoTrue invites you to follow the Northern Lights and to discover Årctalis™, through a Technical Seminar the first day of in-cosmetics, 17th April, at 16:10 h.

Under the Northern Lights’ skies, Arctalis™ has surfaced from 2,700 m depth from an Arctic expedition in international waters near Greenland. Arctalis™ is a marine active ingredient offering an excellent smoothing and firming effect. Arctalis™ enhances your natural glow and boosts skin hydration. Take in the aurora and let your skin daydream following the Northern Lights

In-cosmetics Global launches
Visit us at booth E318 (Hall 7)
Gear up because we are set for an amazing journey!