Innovation to the core: D/scover, Develop & Del/ver

At LipoTrue, we would like to guide you through the exciting D/scover, Develop and Del/ver of two of the most innovative active ingredients yet to be seen in the market: a cyclic peptide and a total vertically integrated active ingredient from marine origin.

As we age, skintropy, the chaos in our skin, increases. Hence, there is an impairment of proper protein folding ending in stress in the cell’s endoplasmic reticulum. Skintropy increases during the day due to gravity and our facial expressions leading to a fluctuation of wrinkles that we call the Wrinkle’s Daily Cycle (WDC) that results in more pronounced wrinkles in the evening. Poptide™ is a cyclic peptide that organizes skintropy improving protein folding and improving the wrinkle daily fluctuation making the skin pop all day long.

Innovation in the beauty industry can come from a variety of sources, and LipoTrue’s latest breakthrough proves just that with V/WA™ which has been short-listed for Best Ingredient at the in-cosmetics Global Awards.

V/WA™ is a fully vertically integrated product, completely controlling the three key steps of the process: D/scover, Develop and Del/ver. Is the active ingredient obtained from the fermentation of a newly identified Alteromonas species: Alteromonas lipotrueae. V/WA™ relaxes expression wrinkles acting along the three steps of neuromuscular communication: neuritogenesis & neuronal migration, synaptic vesicles recycling and muscle contraction.V/WA™smoothed wrinkles on crow’s feet, the forehead and even those challenging hidden wrinkles that are revealed to the world when smiling or frowning.

From the discovery of a new microorganism, through the development of a new active ingredient to the delivery of a novel approach for expression wrinkles