Discover Æonome™ at in-cosmetics Global Virtual Conferences-April 2nd at 12:45 CET

Join us tomorrow, April 2nd at 12:45 CET at in-cosmetics Global Virtual Conferences to dive into deep waters to discover Æonome™, LipoTrue’s upcoming new launch. Click here to register

Follow us into the depths of an underwater cave in Mallorca’s Island. Discovered in 1968, this cave has been preserved and protected for more than 3 million years with a unique microbial community, where only few lucky scientists were allowed to enter. We invite you to come with us through the labyrinthine galleries and be marveled  by the amazing stalactites and stalagmites through the 74 km of cave to find the hidden treasure: Æonome™. This active ingredient has been obtained from a microorganism from the cave’s microbial community. Unveiling itself as an agebiotic is a new approach to skin’s microbiome to unlock ageless properties.

Æonome™, agebiotic, is a prebiotic metabolized by the commensal cutaneous microbiota enhancing the production and release of antioxidant metabolites and protecting the skin cells from oxidative stress and signs of aging. The active increases the ability of keratinocytes to produce ageless proteins involved in skin integrity. Æonome™ reinforces the antioxidant protection of the microbiota improving rugosity, wrinkles and hydration.

The reveal of this hidden secret unlocks the unique opportunity to discover the agebiotic power of Æonome™ for an ageless beauty. Ready to join the adventure?