Discover the undiscovered at in-cosmetics Global 2020

Discover the undiscovered at In-Cosmetics Global 2020. MARSturizer™ and Reneseed™ as the main products for this edition.


Welcome on board in this new edition of In Cosmetic Global in Barcelona. This year we are playing at home and would like to invite you to come to our stand E60 to discover the undiscovered. Our mission: to unveil you the hidden beauty treasures.

Please, fasten your seat belts and relax because we are about to take off. Our destination, Mars on Earth. In our Hydrastation, you can discover MARSturizer™, which contains an active ingredient from an acidophile microorganism inhabitant Río Tinto, in the South of Spain. This river is known for its red color and extreme environment similar to the one in the groundwater on Mars, and hence is of great interest by astrobiologists to study planetary habitability.

Over billions of years ago, Mars lost much of its atmosphere allowing solar and cosmic radiation to strike the surface, changing its climate and turning it into the desiccated and frozen planet that we know today. Similarly, the skin’s protective barrier has to deal with environmental and intrinsic factors which drop by drop impair its quality leading to roughness and dryness.  MARSturizer™ comes from Mars on Earth to help you to recover your skin’s hydrastasis by boosting Moisturization, Ameliorating regeneration, Reinforcing barrier function and providing Skin daily protection. Come to our Hydrastation (booth E60) or attend to the Technical seminar on the 11th October at 11:10 am (Theater 2).


Ready for more? Dear explorers, please join us in the quest for the fountain of youth. From the beginning of humankind and across all cultures, there are legends and myths about a mysterious and magic spring believed to stop aging and restore youth. As scientists it is hard to believe in a magic fountain of youth, but what about the seed of youth? Seeds contain all the necessary nutrients for the developing of the plants, seeds are the source of youth. Reneseed™ contains a plant-based TGFβ2 with retinol and retinoic acid-like activity, which is also able to boost dermal protein synthesis and epidermal lipids. As the seeds, Reneseed™ encloses the secret to wake up the inner sleeping beauty (wrinkles smoother, pore minimizer, firmness and elasticity enhancer, luminosity and hydration booster).


Dare to become a treasure hunter? Follow us into the depths of an underwater cave in Mallorca’s Island. Discovered in 1968, this cave has been preserved and protected for more than 3 million years and only a few lucky scientists are allowed to enter. We invite you to come with us through the labyrinthine galleries. Also, marvel at the amazing stalactites and lakes for 74 km to find the hidden treasure: Æonome™. This active ingredient obtained from a microorganism living in the cave, unlocks the secret of antiaging properties of skin microbiome: agebiotics. We challenge you to come to our booth (E60) to discover more or attend to the technical seminar on 6th of October at 11:55 am (Theater 2).


This journey does not come to an end yet. The jewel offering a gradient of wisdom is waiting for you in our stand to be revealed. Do not let it escape.

May the beauty and innovation be with you