LipoTrue presenting innovative cosmetic active ingredients

Earlier this month, LipoTrue presented at in-cosmetics Global Paris, on its fourth year, the latest launches, the most innovative cosmetic active ingredients in the market.

Firstly, Munapsys™, a botulinum toxin-like second generation peptide acting both on the pre- & post-synaptic sides of the neuromuscular junction aimed at expression wrinkles. The active, is a real upgrade in the expression lines field, with proven efficacy compared with a benchmark combination even at a lower dose.

Secondly, and like the most beautiful shining star seen before the dawn, allowing yourself to have the most luminous skin and join the lightening constellation. Lipotrue presents Stellight™, a peptide acting fully on melanin pigmentation on keratinocytes, fibroblasts and melanocytes.

Thirdly, Skinarch™, the beauty of the skin architecture. A novel peptide that enables cosmetics to fully explore the disruptive trend celebrating the difference for an inclusive beauty. In conclusion, is working on 8 collagens, both in terms of production and structure.

Last but not least, will present Meiview™, an active ingredient obtained from this endophyte microorganism that beautifies the eye contour area. By improving the intercellular junctions, through plakoglobin (PKG), it reinforces the epidermal integrity. It also increases the formation of collagen I and thus the eye skin area becomes stronger and firmer.

Next week LipoTrue (booth 1031) will present Skinarch™ May 8 at 12:40 PM, at the World of Chemistry Global Forum.

Additionally, LipoTrue will also showcase in Australia at the ASCC 2019 (7th-9th May) Meiview™ and Munapsys™.

We look forward to seeing you at both events, to bring you the most innovative cosmetic active ingredients in the market.